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A fast, useful and stylish website built with pure Javascript (Vanilla JS). The easiest of all time!

About Pera Theme

Pera is an extremely fast, stylish and useful template. You don't need CSS or Javascript knowledge to edit the theme. Pera has been developed fully compatible with Boostrap 5+ and with love.

Pure Javascript (Vanilla JS)

You can use whatever version of jQuery you want, but you don't need it. The whole theme is fully developed with Javascript. For this reason, everything runs extremely fast and the loading speed is perfect.

Included Design Files

All pages (including subpages) are designed with Sketch. And design files are added to the theme. Before making an edit in Pera, you can test it with Sketch. Or you can make design arrangements as you wish.

12+ Demos and Useful Elements

Pera comes with 12 ready-to-use websites. In addition, highly detailed designed blog pages and elements are ready to use. You can directly copy fields from a page to another. You don't need to set CSS or JS.

ready-to-use websites

These websites are 100% editable. And you don't need CSS or javascript editing. All websites can be merged, sections within them can be deleted or duplicated.